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Although not identifying as a writer, a desire to expand my skills had led me to pursue stories in the written form. From sports coverage to feature pieces, I have this innate desire to expand my skillset.

Feature Stories

Feature Stories

Lifelong Love - A Journey Through 70 Years of Marriage


Soaring Above Storm Lake - Bart's Flying Service Proves Crucial to the Storm Lake Community


The thing I love most about media is telling people's stories, and feature writing has allowed me to do specifically that.

Sports Stories

Sports Stories

The Next Step - Successful Recruiting Looks to Heighten BVU's Volleyball Program

A New Era - 2022 Daytona 500 Preview


Having a passion for storytelling and an interest in sports I enjoy telling athlete's stories and helping build community support of athletic teams!

Opinion Pieces

A Premature Death

1STAMENDweek-01-900x506.png the Schedule

Opinion Pieces

Although I am more reserved, when prompted with subjects to write on I ensure to provide objective evidence and use that to inform my perspectives on issues when producing opinion pieces.

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