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Audio Creation

Investigative reporting, talk shows, podcasts, immersive creative productions, and much more. My tendency for visual storytelling enhances my audio creation by maximizing the benefits of music and natural sounds in building soundscapes. Executive producing podcasts and talk show I have not only enhanced on-air abilities, but organizational skills in contacting national guests!


Nascar at Night the Podcast

The Positive Point

From entertainment to motivational, with experience producing two distinctly different podcasts I feel well versed in organizing and producing what's needed.

Radio Shows

Nascar at Night

Aside from recorded productions, radio shows have made me comfortable behind the mic and over the airwaves!

Radio Shows

Just Joshing

Long-Form Audio

The Great Retirement

Deadly Diseases | The Iowa Deer Herd Drops

Although feeling hesitant to identfiy as a journalist, my love for storytelling and producing investigative, long-form audio pieces has revealed my hidden journalistic nature.

Long-Form Audio

Sports Commentary

Solo Commentary Volleyball Call

Sport Commentary

My love for media creation has recently met the entertainment realm with calling sporting events, specifically volleyball. 

Play by play commentator for volleyball match

PSA's & Promos

PSA's and Promos

Texting and Driving :60 PSA

Series of Raceway Promos

While audio can appear limiting, I love to let my creativity shine in writing script and incorporating the use of sound effects to PSA's and promos!

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